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7 steps to a fabulous new website

After 15 plus years and hundreds of websites, we've built up a solid process that merges our web skills with your expertise.

It runs something like this:

STEP 1: The Kick-Off

Once you've given us the go-ahead, we'll pull together a project team - the people who'll be designing and building, and liaising with you as we go.

We'll all get together with you and yours, to chew over the brief and explore a few options.

It's kind of 'blue sky', but with a fixed objective.

STEP 2: The Detail

We'll develop a site plan and project docs that show our suggested direction. Then we'll take your feedback, and - over a few drafts - carve out the final solution.

Project scope confirmed.

STEP 3: The Foundations

Our design team turns on the magic, to produce a first set of visuals - while developers get to work, mapping out your CMS modules.

Both teams will come to you for input, with ideas flowing both ways. By the end, your creative and technical foundations are in place.

STEP 4: The Demo

The designers put together a full HTML site, with samples of all your page styles - giving you a clickable demo.

Meanwhile, the developers get building, creating the admin tools and database systems that will drive your website. Techy stuff.

STEP 5: The Tie-In

The designers step aside, as the dev team creates a fully functional version of the demo site - complete with CMS and product modules.

That's technical integration.

STEP 6: The Handover

By now, you'll have your content ready - so we'll add it to the site and train you to use the CMS so you can update freely.

Finally, we'll add meta tags to help Google etc. with indexing - then pull the switch. And your site is live!

STEP 7: The Next Steps

Once the site goes live, we're into Phase 2: getting the most from your investment.

That could mean driving in traffic, or maximising conversions, or improving the user experience... it all comes down to your objectives and the site's initial performance.

And that's how we do what we do!

It's a tried and tested process that's built on collaboration.

If you're ready to find out more, let's talk - and let's see where it takes us...

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