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We have a skilled team of staff who all work together to achieve one common goal - to give you bigger and better ways to connect with your market online. Meet the team below:

  • Matt GwynneTwitter

    Marketing Executive

    First record bought:

    Michael Jackson - Bad

  • Tom HoudmontTwitter

    Technical Developer

    Most admire:

    Too many people to list.

  • Indira Bhurruth

    Finance Manager

    Most likely to say:


  • Paula DaunceyTwitter

    Marketing Manager

    Most likely to say:

    What time does the awards ceremony start?

  • Barbara Kopar

    Production Manager

    Most admire:

    People like Marie Curie

  • Darrin Kent

    QA & Trainer

    Favourite Film:

    Way Out West

  • James Stacey

    Senior Developer

    First record bought:

    Slaughter - Up all night

  • Nigel RobertsTwitter

    Managing Director

    Greatest influences:

    The team at Imaginet.

  • Brian Hosty

    Technical Developer

    Favourite film:

    Top Gun - I just want to fly fast jets!

  • Alastair Scott

    Project Manager

    Favourite website:

  • Neal GriffithsTwitter

    Senior Designer

    Most admire:

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Mark George


    Most admire:

    Legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs

  • Adam Kerrigan

    Project Manager

    Most likely to say:

    Its all about the BIG (S) Service!

  • Dafydd TomosTwitter

    Systems Administrator

    Greatest influences:

    Unseen internet geeks.

  • Andrew Bucknall

    Technical Developer

    Greatest Influences:

    Tim Berners-Lee and Rasmus Lerdorf

  • Chris Maggs

    Technical Developer

    Favourite film:

    Die hard 1 - 3. (Not 4)

  • Greg Merriman

    Technical Developer

    Most admire:

    My wife, Bethan, for knowing what she wants and going for it (even if it does cost me money).

  • Christelle RomeroTwitter

    Technical Developer

    If I wasn't at Imaginet:

    I would be running my own patisserie in the French countryside.

  • Sean Jones

    Support manager

    If I wasn't at Imaginet:

    I would be up to mischief!

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