Mobile website development for Gatwick Express

Mar 21st 2012

The Gatwick Express website has large visitor numbers each month. And with around 11% of that traffic coming from mobiles they wanted to create a solution that was tailored to mobile browsing and the challenges it presents – smaller screen sizes, reduced internet connectivity and navigating via touchscreen rather than mouse.

Having worked with them since early 2011 on their main website we had a good understanding of their target audience. Using this knowledge and combining it with our mobile website development skills we were able to create a mobile site that met their needs exactly.

gatwick express mobile website screenshot

We designed simple, easy to use navigation and site structure so the most important information (which Gatwick Express had identified through analyses of their web stats) was easily accessible. If content was cluttered and too compact navigating the site via touchscreen would be difficult. The need for well structured design and clear navigation was further highlighted by the small and varying screen sizes of mobile phones.

To accommodate reduced connection speeds when mobile browsing, site content was edited to essential information, meaning no images and other bandwidth intensive media. With the stripped back graphics and media elements the site was kept visually appealing through the use of font, colour and spacing.

gatwick express mobile website screenshot

Importantly, the mobile site needed to provide all the functionality of the main site so mobile users could still plan their journey as they would on a desktop computer. This was achieved by adding various feeds, giving users the benefit of:

  • Quick and easy live flight information.
  • Live and scheduled maintenance works information.
  • London travel information including tube service updates.
  • Links to ticket purchase providers.

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