Giving Govia control over their content with a new CMS and website

Jun 20th 2012

We have a long-standing relationship with Govia and their related companies – working with them on sites for their rail companies: Southern Railway, South Eastern Railway and London Midland. One site we hadn’t worked on though was their own – until recently. They approached us looking for a large update and modernisation to their site as they didn’t currently have a CMS, and the design was outdated, difficult to use and not optimised for search.

govia website screenshot

We started from scratch and restructured the site making it a lot easier to use by grouping the content into four main areas – home, about us, news and passenger info. Each section then had its own sub-sections and collection of closely related content.

A visual update gave the site more interest and made it a better representation of their brand. Some of the key points in achieving this were introducing a considered and limited colour scheme, a clear hierarchy for the type and a consistent visual style for the imagery.

The major update though, was the introduction of a bespoke CMS. Prior to this redesign Govia had no way of updating their site internally, so it quickly became stagnant. Through our CMS which was tailored to meet their needs exactly they can now update content easily and frequently, ensuring the site stays current and continues to provide a useful service to visitors.

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