When your website goes live, we'll be handing over the reins...

A Content Management System (CMS) will reduce your overheads year after year. Instead of paying our developers to update your website content, you can just log into our management system and make the changes at source.

Of course it's just an optional tool. If your copy is fixed, with no changes planned, your site could exist with no CMS. But with search engines and customers constantly trawling for fresh content, it certainly pays to have the means of keeping your site up to date.

How does a CMS work?

You won't need any special knowledge, like HTML. Our CMS is a WYSIWYG system: What You See Is What You Get. So if you can edit a Word document, content management is a simple, intuitive process.

Your Imaginet CMS will be built to suit the way you work, giving you control over some or all of your website content. Consequently, the finished system will be unique to you...but many functions are built as standard, so you'll always be able to:

Getting to know your CMS

Training is an essential step - especially if you're part of a large organisation, where brand guidelines are paramount. So before training gets underway, we'll agree the rules for formatting content. Then every page can be standardised, and you can devolve control with brand integrity intact.

Moving on...

You'll probably have all kinds of questions about content management and how your CMS will be built, but don’t worry we’ll answer all these first, then build a robust CMS that gives you total freedom to publish your content online.