Knowledge Management Systems

Bespoke software, designed to spread best practice, company wide

With the advent of the web ‘knowledge management’ has improved dramatically. Pre-web, the vital practice of sharing insights was often a low priority. Today, any organisation can create a dynamic knowledge pool allowing every worker to benefit from their colleagues' experience.

For sales people, knowledge sharing could cover effective closing tactics...for Customer Services, it could be call resolution techniques...for Marketing, demographic insights or road-tested campaigns...for Finance, collections strategies. Everyone has something to share.

We can help you share it

Here at Imaginet, we've created Knowledge Management Systems for a number of global organisations who wanted to share results and streamline communications across continents.

But you don't have to be a global brand – knowledge sharing is just as vital between regional divisions or even between colleagues working side by side in one office. Whatever your situation there's a fully bespoke solution that can help your people to collaborate and work more efficiently.

So what's in a Knowledge Management System?

Potentially, anything. Our Knowledge Management Software is fully adaptable – so while it's normally presented through an intranet, the actual make-up of your system will be at your discretion.

For example, it could include any - or all - of these tools:

But that's just an example. Your system could feature something else entirely. We can develop custom modules to meet specific needs - and as you'll discover, there are very few limitations.

Creating your Knowledge Management System

When you get in touch, we'll show you the full range of options available. We'll start by exploring your objectives and looking at the sharing practices that have worked for you previously, both online and off. Then we'll push ahead, adapting our software to create a sharing platform that's fully bespoke and intuitive - and primed for collaboration.

Finally, we'll support you through training and implementation, helping you to create a new culture of shared ownership, company wide.