Third Party Data Integration

Taking full advantage of the web and all it can do...

Your website should be so much more than a basic shop window or sales tool. When you harness the web's unique capacity for data integration, your site will be poised to save you money, time and effort.

Here at Imaginet, we integrate third party content in all manner of client solutions. By adding back-end data or third party software to the web interface, we can deliver multiple efficiencies - including:

Our development team has extensive experience of working with third party data, and we can show you examples using live feeds, real-time integration in buying or customer services processes, payment gateways and e-commerce, as well as ticketing systems that work in conjunction with APIs.

Our recent data integration projects have included:

In every case, we've delivered a range of internal efficiencies, while improving the user experience through valuable information and rich functionality.

What does data integration mean to you?

Whether you need a simple news feed from another website, or a complex integration of multiple systems and databases, you'll find our development team is a ready source of ideas. They'll be happy to talk through any challenge you can set.

We're here to preserve your resources and improve your customer service.

So tell us what the problem is, and we'll share a few solutions...

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