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Meet the UK developers who insist "it's not always rocket science"

Web Developers and other technical companies can learn a lesson from the Space Race.

Back in the '60s, the story goes, NASA spent millions developing a miracle anti-gravity pen that defied the laws of physics by writing upside down.

The Russians, racking their brains with the very same conundrum, decided to use a pencil.

Conclusion: it's not always rocket science!

And for us, that's a guiding principle

We're Imaginet's web developers. And whatever web tools or applications we create for you, we'll always start with the simplest options - and we'll never burden you (or your budget) with over-engineering.

Of course, when we have to get technical, we'll match any web company in the UK for advanced, high end solutions, with fully bespoke systems tailored to meet the complex needs of your business. But we'll still keep one foot on the floor, so your front-end product will be wholly intuitive and designed for a simple, rewarding user experience.

In this section, we'll tell you more about the work we do, our years of experience and our diverse programming skills – and the kind of websites, applications and tools we can develop.

So whether you need a ‘NASA pen' or a ‘Russian pencil', take a look at our solutions below.

Or ask us about web development here.

Data Integration

Linking your website to other systems: a mammoth efficiency boost

Smartcard Applications

Cashless transactions and more, for travel, retail and other markets


Sell online 24/7. It's the salesman that never sleeps!

Web Applications

Smart and friendly web tools, from training assessments to quoting systems


Take control of your website, and publish with a few easy clicks

Knowledge Management Systems

The best way to share best practice, company wide

Mobile Applications

12 million UK adults use smartphones. Start connecting...

E-Commerce: Web Design & Development

E-Commerce: Web Design & Development

You stock the goodies, we'll build the shopping cart.

Smartcard Applications

Smartcard Applications

Cashless transactions and more, for Travel, Retail... and anyone else.

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