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Smartcard Applications

Cashless transactions and more, for Travel, Retail and other sectors

Every commuter loves the smartcard! They can travel at will, top up online or off, and get the best fares as they swipe.

It's no wonder every sector is looking at smartcard applications:

For Travel Operators

The smartcard is a simple way to get paid. It's also a network monitoring system that drives's a tool for meeting the government's e-ticketing agenda...and it's a smart new CRM tool for building rapport with customers.

For Retailers

Smartcards take customer loyalty schemes to the next level. Cards can store points or virtual cash, or integrate with e-commerce...all while gathering in the latest consumer trends.

And for other sectors

There's always a smartcard application. It's all about getting the most from regular users – so a powerful new strategy for government services, as well as small businesses like restaurants, health clubs, dentists and more.

What would a smartcard system mean to you?

Imaginet's developers have created online smartcard portals for a series of travel companies, in collaboration with our partners at ACT. And working together, we can adapt our award-winning system to meet the challenges you face – whatever business you're in.

Our smartcard technology offers you:

  • A Web Portal where customers can plan ahead, top up their card or update their details
  • Full Integration: cards links to your database and third party systems like ticket machines
  • Data Storage: revealing user history like shopping lists or travel plans
  • Security: complying with data protection and your industry's own regulations
  • User Identification: combating fraud through images, PINs or passwords
  • Intelligent Design: combining ease of use with branding protocols

But there's a lot more to smartcards

We can only give you an overview here. The next step is to look at specifics, so once we know your objectives we can share some deeper insights.

As you'll discover, the applications of the smartcard are virtually limitless.

So ask us about smartcards - and we'll explore a few of those possibilities...

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