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Intelligent web tools, from training assessments to quoting systems

It's not easy to define a ‘web application'. Broadly speaking, it's any online tool that makes life easier, either for you or your customers – usually something that helps with a task that's time-consuming or cumbersome.

It could be a simple cost calculator, or a complex quoting system. It could be something interactive, like an online auction tool. Or it could be virtually anything else: a training or assessment system, a social media tool, a content-sharing's anything that meets a need.

Do you need a web application?

Our development team is second to none in the field of online apps. Calling on years of building bespoke web modules, we can devise and create a solution that's fully integrated and fit for any purpose.

Our web tools are always tailored to meet specific business needs, from time and cost savings to streamlining internal processes. Moreover, by adding to the user experience, our apps will build engagement and help to drive visitor conversions.

Developing your application

As with any solution, we'll start by making sure we're choosing the best direction. We'll get to know your business and why you need the application – and maybe explore alternatives – before we set the way forward.

After that, we'll put your offline process under the microscope. We'll analyse the logic behind every step, and model each critical stage so the process can be transferred online.

The result is a fully bespoke web tool that does the hard work for you – like these apps, that mix powerful programming with an intuitive front end application:

  • A quantity calculator, developed for Ty Mawr
  • A quoting system, developed for Stride Insurance
  • A mortgage calculator, developed for Monmouthshire Building Society
  • A fun how full is your basket system, developed for

Of course, your web application will be something entirely different. So as a first step, it's best to discuss your plans with our development team. We can show you other solutions in our portfolio, and consider the best ways to make life easier for you and your customers.

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