ITSO Smart Portals

Award winning ITSO smart ticketing portals

Smartcard ticketing and the ITSO accreditation is all about making travelling on public transport easier by using smart ticketing instead of cash.  A key part of this convenience is the ability to top up and manage a smart card online, which is where the ITSO portal from Imaginet comes in.  

Our experience

Imaginet has been developing ITSO accredited portals for the last five years for a range of operators, winning awards along the way. In 2010 we delivered the UK’s first ITSO accredited portal for the Go Ahead Group and went on to provide ten other consumer retail portals over the next 4 years. We’re currently in the process of delivering a range of B2B portals for Go Ahead, enabling their Bus Companies to manage smartcard accounts in bulk. 

Seamless integration with CMS software

In addition to the functional front-end, all our portals can integrate with your chosen Card Management System, to enable real-time processes on-line and we've extensively with ACT. For the customer the advantages of using an ITSO smartcard system couldn’t be clearer:

Design and functionality

Combining superb information architecture that makes them easy to use and navigate with full responsiveness to device type (adjusting layout, size and functionality to screen size) our portal designs set the benchmark in the sector.

They can also be white label, meaning a portal could be created by re-skinning the core solution with a new brand without having to create a tailor-made design each time.

Get in touch to find out more

If you’re considering moving into smart ticketing, then please get in touch for an informal meeting with our transport team who can talk you through the options.