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We designed our first ever website back in 1995, in the days when an online brochure site was considered hi-tech. Thankfully, the web has moved on dramatically – and so have we.

Today, a well-designed website meets a multitude of needs. It should be:

  • User-centric, with a valuable and interactive journey
  • Action-led, drawing the user towards an opt-in, or sale, or enquiry
  • Involving, to promote repeat visits and two-way interaction
  • On-brand, reflecting your identity and values in words and pictures
  • Search-friendly, with effective coding and linear navigation
  • Multi-platform, with traditional, mobile and responsive versions

In other words, modern web design calls for a careful balance of creativity, strategy and usability.

We can help. Here at Imaginet, we're all about translating brands and ideas through great design, to build a powerful, sustainable online presence.

And even after all these years, we still relish every new challenge - and the chance to bring our award-winning team into an exciting new project.

Let's start with a consultation and some tailored expert advice...

Ask us about web design here.

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Web Accessibility

Your site is for all, regardless of media and disability.

Information Architecture

Mapping the journey, for the visitor's goals and yours.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

We're an essential mix of web-geeks, strategists, marketing bods and more.

Accessibility & Usability

Accessibility & Usability

Reaching out online to the widest audience.

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