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Information Architecture

Mapping the journey, for the visitor's goals and yours

If your sat nav has ever lost its bearings, you'll know the frustration of stumbling from one place to the next...wondering where you took the wrong turn, and why you've ended up in a cul de sac!

At best, it's a testing experience. And there's an online equivalent, when a website menu throws you off course or somehow leaves you stranded.

Of course, it's a little different online – you can escape at the click of a button. And invariably, that's what users will do, as soon as they're lost or confused.

And that's why Information Architecture is such an essential task

It's all about eliminating that sense of confusion, by giving visitors a clear, sensible path to the content they need - instead of expecting them to guess their way from page to page.

In practice, it means placing critical information where the eye falls on screen...dividing content into logical silos that link from page to page... prompting action on every page, to eliminate dead ends.

A whole series of signposts, helping users to navigate their own path.

When we design your website, Information Architecture will be high on our agenda, as we look to highlight key information and maximise usability.

As you'll discover, it's a collaborative process that we call ‘mapping the journey'. It's different for every site we build, but typically it runs along these lines:

  • Questions: getting to know you, your organization, your customers and their expectations
  • Goals: setting a benchmark, based on whatever you want (or need) to achieve
  • Content: listing the main info headings and functionality
  • Navigation: dividing pages into usable, linear sections
  • Layout: defining what goes where, with the end goal always in mind
  • Mock-up: creating a finished look and feel. Ready for feedback...

Our mantra is, a pretty site that's poorly organised can't succeed. So when we design websites, we're creating experiences... not pictures!

We'll tell you more when you get in touch:

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