Doves Farm

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The Client:

Doves Farm

Doves Farm are organic flour specialists and a family owned company with over 60 staff. They’re dedicated to upholding organic, ethical and Fairtrade agricultural systems, nurturing partnerships with suppliers and customers and supporting local community projects.

The Challenge:

They were looking to grow their business online by promoting and selling their products to three specific groups:

  • specialist distributors/stockists
  • ethical consumers
  • consumers with special dietary needs

Our brief was to create a site that would help raise awareness of Doves Farm and make it easy to buy their great products.

The Solution:

Targeting a niche market presents a brilliant opportunity to really focus the solution on its needs; which is what we were able to do here.

Imaginet took the time to understand the three target groups and built a site for Doves Farm that had the following features:

  • Advanced e-commerce functionality that gives people a safe, secure and effortless shopping experience
  • An attractive, professional and user-centred design based on the long established Doves farm brand
  • A powerful CMS giving them full control over the site
  • Fun interactive features such as 'Add Your Own Recipe' and social media buttons
  • Integration with Lakeview, Doves Farm's offline order system

All decisions made were based on what would be best for the users of the site. For example, the main navigation was structured around their core needs: Gluten Free, Organic, Case Deals etc. A recipe section was included to show how Doves Farm ingredients can used to create a wide variety of dishes. Page’s were designed to achieve the perfect balance between rich content and ease of use.

The Results:

They now have an archive of over 260 recipes, nearly 20% of which are user generated.

Highlighting that the site is attracting the right visitors and they are finding real value from the Doves farm site.

Search engine performance is strong, with Doves Farm appearing within the first 3 results for all target keywords; an essential factor when targeting a niche market online.