National Eisteddfod of Wales

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The Client:

National Eisteddfod of Wales

The National Eisteddfod is Wales' leading festival, held annually during the first week of August. It provides a vibrant annual showcase for the language and culture of Wales. With over 200,000 visitors pouring in every year, the event is fixed as the cornerstone of Wales' cultural calendar.

The Challenge:

Imaginet and the Eisteddfod have worked together for over 10 years. Every year looking to improve their website to help it better meet the needs of the people using it.

The challenge for 2013 was to address increased visits via mobile devices and to develop ways in which the website could be useful to mobile user during the event.

The Solution:

Rather than rework the existing site we built a completely redesigned, responsive website. So now, no matter what device is used to view the Eisteddfod website, the user experience is the best it can be - no awkward zooming, small text or difficult to use navigation.

Enhancements to the way the Eisteddfod brand was interpreted on-line, improvements to content structure and navigation and careful consideration to how the site would be used by different people on different devices all played a large part in achieving this.

The e-commerce section of the website was also addressed during the redesign, with improved navigation through the various sections of the shop, and a more streamlined checkout process.

Some of the biggest improvements to the site came in the form of the ‘My Eisteddfod' section. Key features of this extra functionality include:

  • My schedule system to enhance a person's visit by allowing them to create a schedule of their favourite events. Making sure they get the best possible experience of the Eisteddfod and don't miss out on anything.
  • Integration with Twitter for registration, making creating an account as easy as possible but also ensuring the strong social element of the festival is continued online.
  • A mobile app with find my car functionality and the My Schedule from the website so people could take their itineraries with them to the festival, helping them plan their day.

The Results:

Comparing website stats from comparable periods (1st Jan to 30th Sep) of 2013 with 2012:

  • Site visits are up over 106%
  • Page views are up an amazing 602%
  • Visit duration is up over 109%

So it's safe to say that objectives have been met and people are finding the new Eisteddfod website more engaging and useful.