Go North East

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The Client:

Go North East

Part of the Go-Ahead Group, Go North East is the leading bus operator in the North of England.

During 2011/12 72 million passenger journeys were taken on their fleet of 682 buses.

The Challenge:

Imaginet worked with Go North East since 2009, creating a website that reflects their status as the leading bus operator in the North East.

Our brief has always been to build a site that provides passengers with the tools and information they need to manage their tickets and journeys on-line.

The Solution:

In 2013 we launched a new site that uses responsive web design techniques to help cater for increased mobile visits. So now, instead of having a separate desktop and mobile site, there's one site that responds to the device it's being viewed on.

What this means is there's only one site to manage, so content management time is reduced. More importantly, customers get a better user experience as buttons and content resize and reposition in relation to the screen resolution of the device, making the site easier to use.

Using responsive web design also has some great SEO benefits; it's Google's recommended configuration for mobile sites, there's only one URL for all content instead of one for desktop and one for mobile so backlinks are improved, and having a single URL helps search engines index the web content.

As well as the introduction of responsive web design, the site has many other great features

  • A bespoke routes and timetables system allowing users to quickly and simply find the route they need and view or download a timetable.
  • Customers can buy a range of tickets online through a secure third party payment processor.
  • A content management system so staff have full control of the site.
  • A banner admin system so the company can place a range of adverts around the site, time controlled so they can launch at the same time as a campaign.

The Results:

Over the past year the site has performed very well. Averaging over 127,000 visitors a month who view (on average) 3.85 pages and spend just under 3 minutes on the site per visit.

A low bounce rate of 31% for the year and 56% of site traffic from return visits highlight the fact that the site is providing value that customers are coming back to the site for.