NCP Help Centre delivers the service

18 May, 2018

Improving service and saving resources with a new Help Centre for NCP

Imaginet have developed the NCP for over 5 years now and we’ve seen the site’s revenue grow significantly in this time.

The latest area of the business we’ve focused on is how to help reduce the number of calls to the Customer Contact Centre.  This involved significant business analysis with the NCP CCC team to understand the main issues encountered by staff and how we could develop a solution that would help to resolve them on-line.

We developed a new admin feature in the back-office that would provide the CCC team with the ability to add, amend and categorise a range of questions and answers. The most popular questions could be featured at the top and then the rest shown with the various Topics.

When a user clicks to view the answer, they will also be shown other related questions in case the first does not answer their question and for continuous improvement, a ‘Was this helpful?’ link is given so that NCP can capture information on what they can do to improve their help centre.

Last updated - 18-05-2018 16:09:36