Imaginet launches Norfolk County Council and Travelwest portals

15 March, 2017

As part of the new SAM Managed Service for ITSO Goods and Services, Imaginet has just launched two new web portals, allowing travellers to register and add tickets to smartcard, enabling simpler travel in the Norfolk and South West areas

Norfolk County Council's portal called Holdall has a brilliant new design and easy to use functionality allowing people to sign up for a new card and buy tickets.  They can also review their journey history, top up an existing ticket and order a replacement card. 

Travelwest serves the West of England comprising a number of authorities and their new portal has all the features that Norfolk offers. 

Both portals will be improving the services offered over the next few months to include more advanced functionality, but the portals are already receiving great feedback on their usability and functionality from users. 

Last updated - 20-06-2017 14:51:15